Superstition Living keeps your business present in 10,000 homes each month at a minimal cost. Your regular advertisement will help guarantee your share of their business.

Advertising deadline is 10th of the month prior to publication.

Business Directory $125.00 (1.2¢ per home)

1/8 Page – $250.00 (2.5¢ per home)

1/4 Page – $395.00 (4¢ per home)

Half Page – $695.00 (7¢ per home)

Full Page – $975.00 (10¢ per home)

Inside Front or Inside Back Cover - $1050.00 (10¢ per home)

Outside Back Cover - $1150.00 (11.5¢ per home)

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Shannon and Amy will continue to help with all your advertising in our publications.


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